Pile Clean

A common site that saddens every human being that sees it is garbage in the streets; as it is a problem that is troubling to every country. It is, unfortunately, a big issue in Egypt. For the fact that I view the problem is divided equally between the government and the ordinary citizens because that the governments do not put effective for dealing with the problem and most people even help the size of problem to increase by contributing to. My game talks about the most common cases that we can really make bad decisions, may be unintentionally, but they are the reasons of the garbage problem in Egypt. The game will take the player to those situation to examine them from a neutral point to be able to get the bigger picture of why we need to stop this act in Egypt that is going to be a culture norm.

The first scenario is based on my experience (and pretty much everyone in Egypt), when a person I am with in a car and they to clean it, so they throw the garbage is in the street. A lot of people do this but they do not acknowledge how such a thing is very harmful. Furthermore, When people do not find trash bins nearby, they make an imaginary one in an area in the street. Few places, unfortunately, have recycling trash bins that people choose where to throw trash based on its content, but I noticed that some people do not choose and throw it randomly. If they could know how this process helps a lot in facilitating the recycling process. I wanted to point out to a fact that I was even not aware off is how to dispose of dangerous and sharp objects as they could harm the people that operate on the garbage. The wounds that could result, actually, can cause serious diseases. This an act that I despise and I do not Understand the people that do not care about the issue or contribute negatively. Below is the prototype flow of my game. Your feedback on my idea is highly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Pile Clean

  1. Looks good Yahia- you need to make sure your scenarios are complex enough and not obvious. Your scenarios currently don’t branch out properly but I am sure you will fix that. Please reference the data your referring to about Zabaleen. It’s a really useful addition.


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