Prototype of my game

Clean Pile 1.0

Clean Pile 1.1

Clean Pile 1.2



7 thoughts on “Prototype of my game

  1. Thanks Yahia. The game still has some significant spelling mistakes. Please correct them. Also, some of your options can be made more realistic. For example, when you decide to throw something in the nearest garbage bin, it’s not always easy to find one in the streets in many parts of Cairo, right? Or you find them and they are overflowing or smell bad or such…(you do it in one scenario but not all of them)
    In the one where you throw something in a trash/plastic/can bin, this could be much improved if you asked the person about a particular thing and you see where they would throw it. That way you know whether they actually know where to throw it properly. You can do several of these to see if people know correct location of each thing. Think of a Pringles box, lid is plastic and can itself is made of???? Try a few others that aren’t as straightforward and maybe a few that are. I recently saw someone (American prof!) throw a coffee cup in plastic and I was like….that’s not plastic!


  2. I think the concept that you are trying to solve is good but it doesn’t teach me anything. The game is not interactive interactive. I think you can improve your game through more interactive ideas and more challenging concept. I believe that this is just a start, and that you are going to work on it. Good Luck !


  3. The game is good and very constructive and informative. The information given is good and very relevant to our real life. However, some information is given in huge paragraphs and discourage the play to actually read it. Try maybe to minimize those statements to make theem appeal more to the user.


  4. So basically the game is every informative and I can really relate to what the game is about. And the way it was designed is that it gives me information about the environment and how to maintain it’s well being. What I don’t like about the game is that, it focuses on special occasions only, there are a lot of examples that happen around us on a daily basis that effects the environment around us.


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